Bali Food, dining and Restaurant

Bali Food, Dining and Restaurant

bali food, dining, restaurant and barJust a few short years ago, finding a simple sandwich or satisfying cappuccino outside the big hotels was a frustrating experience.

Things have changed dramatically. A new sophistication has crept into the food scene in Bali. A number of factor have contributed to this: the constant influx of international chefs who have demanded better access to quality, fresh ingredients; more opportunities for Indonesians to travel abroad has increased the local knowledge of international standards and tastes; and the growing number of importers and local growers who have influenced the availability of specialist products.

Bali's growing number of luxury and boutique hotels are still a good place to look for an outstanding meal. Now, there are plenty of International standards restaurants, with eclectical menu's of International cuisine, Indonesian or just Balinese dishes. You will pay more, but you are guaranteed fresh, good food that has been prepared in hygienic kitchens. Some are better than others, so check around.