Bali Art Culture

Bali Art and Culture

This Journey into the stunning Indonesian island of Bali is an artistís trip to a society where aesthetism and religion are so inseparable and all pervading that nothing in Balinese life is celebrated without a fusion of art and worship.

Since the early 20th century, European artists, especially painters, have been coming to Bali to soak in the heady air of complete artistic dedication that is the unique character of the Balinese people. Nowhere else will you find such a concentration of creative diversity and the "Island of the Gods" could not be a more conducive location.

Below some art and culture in Bali Island;

Baris Dance
This is a warrior's dance. It is usually performed by men, either solo or in a group of five or more; the dancers try to ... more!
Kecak Dance
The most famous of the Balinese dances, the Kecak originated from the Sanghyang dance choirs who chant a distinctive 'ke-chak-ke-chak' accompaniment. The Kecak, as a ... more!
Legong Dance
This dance tells the story of the princess Rangkesari who is held captive against her will by King Lakesmi. Rangkesari's brother, Prince Daha, gathers an ... more!
Sanghyang Dance
The Sanghyang is a divine force that enters the bodies of the entranced dancers. There are a number of Sanghyang dances but the most common ... more!
Topeng(Mask) Dance
In Pall, masks are considered sacred objects and revered as such. The best ones are traditionally carved on auspicious days and the dancers who wear ... more!
Jegog Music
Jegog uses only gigantic bamboo tubes and trunks. The sound is impressive, and a competition among gamelan Jegog ensembles creates a cacophonic ... more!
Gambang Music
Like other kinds of archaic sacred ensemble, gamelan Gambang is heptatonic and its repertoire is inspired by singing literature. Its strange xylophones provide the most ... more!
Baleganjur Music
The religious processions are usually accompanied by a marching band. Bale Ganjur, the marital music, is played with drums, big cymbals, and gongs of all ... more!
Angklung Music
The word Angklung originally referred to bamboo rattles. But today the rattles are rarely seen in Bali. The old bronze gamelan Angklung is common throughout ... more!
Vocal Gamelan Music
In Kecak dance the vocal gamelan in which the chorus imitates the sounds of the gamelan percussion, the human voice replaces instruments in Cak-Cak. Inspired ... more!
Gamelan Gambuh Music
The particularly of this gamelan is the use of long bamboo flutes. Meter-long flutes, two-stringed rebab (viol), kendang (drums), and old Javanese percussion instruments form ... more!
Joged Music
The music for the Joged dance is made with bumbung bamboo instruments. This is a dance highly popular with tourist ... more!
Wayang Kulit, shadow puppet theatre drama
It is Bali's most complex, sacred art form, a traditional medium of moral en spiritual instruction, and it is also wonderfully entertaining. An oil lamp is ... more!
Wayang Wong Drama
In the masked drama Wayang Wong, human performers take on the roles played by the shadow puppets of wayang kulit, and their movements are inspired ... more!
Gambuh Drama
Gambuh , the oldest known dance drama on Bali, is consider the forebear of the classical dances and dance dramas inspired by Javanese literature. Its legacy ... more!
The Annual Bali Arts Festival is a goverment-sponsored, mounthlong jambore, usually from mid June to mid July. It is held at the Werdha Budi Arts ... more!