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Denpasar baliDenpasar is the capital-city of Bali Province, Denpasar has got some fascination for tourism such as : remain of ancient building with Balinese architecture. It offers a city-tour where tourism can experience and learn about various cultural attraction of Denpasar. The tour start from Pemecutan Palace, proceed to Kuta Palace, Satria Palace, and Kesiman Palace then visit the old and the newest temples in town. The journey continued to visit Bali Meseum, Finger Print Museum, Le Mayeur Museum, and Archeology Museum in Sesetan. There is also a chance to do shopping at Kumbasari, River-side market of Pasar Badung. Finally visit Satria Bird market and Kereneng.

Administratively, Denpasar city divided 3 sub district, 43 village/administrative village, width of area about 12.780 ha, consists with 3,147 ha of rice field and 9,633 ha of land which can not be used as a rice field. Located on 8-35-31 - 8-44-49 south latitude and 115-10-23 - 115-16-27 East longitude with the amount of citizen about 4,080 people/km and rate of growth average 3.01% per year.

From that amount of people 44.44% located in the west area and 24.90% located in the east area and 28.66% in the south area. As a capital of Bali Province, Denpasar is a center of any activities specially economic activities. There are many facilities and economic structure in this area that can be supported the growth of economy of Bali generally. In the year of 2000 PDRB which is reached about 3.1 quintillion rupiah if (based on valid price) or increase about 12.60%.

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Bali have 8 districts and 1 municipality (Denpasar)

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