Bali Places of Interest

Places of Interest

Bali Places of Interest.Bali is justly famous for its unique Hindu culture, the splendor of its ritual arts, and the beautiful of nature. So many interesting places spread in this small island.


Some of advises if you are going to the places:

ID: Don’t forget to take your passport or your ID with you all times. Entering the temple or Attending religious events: Remember these are serious occasion. Be dressed properly although you may be allowed to enter a “tourist” temple with a simple sash wrapped your waist, this may be insufficient. If there is a temple festival or if you attend a cremation or any religious event, Balinese require their guest: To wear the full religion dress: a sarong and sash and destar (headdress). Never pass between the people who are praying and the shrines or the priest. Avoid the flashlight or push your camera into the priest’s face!


Never sit higher than the priest. Woman is not allowed to enter a temple during menstruation. Swimming in the sea: Always swim between the flags: red and yellow. Don’t swim too far out, currents can be strong. Put on loads of high factor waterproof sun-cream (especially if you intend to spend a lot of time in the water) Crime: Be careful with your belonging at all times. Crime is rare but it can ruin your holiday. There have been a few cases of handbags being snatched after tourist has chased money at banks or moneychanger! Put your money away in your “bum-bag” or hold onto your handbag tightly. Street vendors: It can be overbearing at times, however they are trying to make living… If you don’t want to be pestered, it is best not to look at the “wares”, avoid all eye contact. Haggle when buying.